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We’re a bit behind with the news, and we apologize for that. Apparently rumors are going around of the following:

~ The Scream team have filmed multiple endings, and they’re taking their time in post production with the editing.

~ They are currently working on a teaser and they can’t even get a copy of the script or full feature footage. What they are given is heavily watermarked.

~ What they have seen is amazing and Neve and Courteney are giving it their all.

~ Paramount is banking on Scream 5 to revive their revenue for 2021 and 2022 movie slate.

~ Very little leaks are expected to happen, if any.

~ Matt (Co-Director of Scream 5) is following the Instagram account.

~ We are going to love the surprise guest appearance.

If this is all legit – we can’t wait!!

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