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Yesterday, Steven of Geek Out Cinema interviewed the Scream 5 directors/producers live over YouTube.

Source: Geek Out Cinema’s YouTube Account

Here are some details on what they touched on:

Why is the movie being released in January 2022, and not in 2011?

They made this movie for it to be made in the movies, and not for it to be on streaming networks. They want the fans to get the experience, this movie especially. “Scream is a movie you need to see in theaters”. It appears the studio is waiting for the COVID-19 to be over and for the movie theaters to reopen.

The controversy of why it’s called Scream instead of Scream 5?

It’s called Scream instead of Scream 5…  they don’t want spoiler alerts. Matt apologized for the sh*tty answer, but assured fans that it will make sense eventually.

We definitely assume its due to the marketing. It will help it be a box office hit just like Halloween (2018).

Editing has begun for Scream

Editing has begun for Scream and it’s a long post production. The directors have praised the editor, adding they sit in the editing room with the editor everyday till the movie is done. They have so much love for film making and want to be close to the material and it takes a lot of time to finish a movie.

Neve, David, and Courteney wanted to return

Neve, David and Courteney were incredible, generous, and so talented. You can tell they REALLY wanted to be there, and they were part of a family that Wes and Kevin built over 25 years ago. They take that connection very seriously. You can see that when they welcomed us into this process.  – Matt

Potentially further installments

Depending on how the box office does, this may be a start to more movies.


Kevin's Twitter

Picture credit: Kevin’s Twitter


What did they give away about Stu’s House?

Without giving much away, Ghostface makes an appearance at Stu’s house.

Being cautious about spoilers

It’s so hard to talk about Scream on a story-level without getting excited and it be so easy once we talk about it, to not accidentally f*ck up. It’s more of being cautious. There is so much for people to see and share with people. Man, it’s such a slippery scope – Tyler Gillett

Making the movie re-watchable like the original movies

We are very conscious about making Scream like the original movies. We want it to be very exciting the first time you watch it, then each time you re-watch the movie, it’s still enjoyable. We probably watched the original movie 450 times in the last 6 months – Matt

Easter eggs in the movie

They worked very hard to add easter eggs everywhere in the movie for both new and old fans.

We enjoyed the interview, and the Scream team seems so awesome!


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